Feel 3D Incorporated

Welcome to Feel 3D Incorporated! Our mission is to increase the quality of life for the visually impaired specifically through the creation and donation of 3D printed family portraits. We are partnered with multiple universities and medical schools throughout the state of Georgia to help us in our mission to increase the quality of life for the visually impaired. We are currently helping the community of Augusta, GA; however, we plan on helping communities throughout Georgia. Since many of the visually impaired in the US are actually made of our veterans, we hope to partner with the VA and other veterans organizations to further expand our reach.

Check out some photos from our most recent portrait gifting! (all photos taken with permission)

Feel 3D Incorporated is a nonprofit organization, currently awaiting 501(c)(3) status, funded by donations from many groups and individuals including you. Our soon-to-be patented 3D family portraits feature a voice box, 6’x6’ 3D printed faces, as well as names in braille, allowing the families to “see” the faces of their family members and hear a custom message they prerecorded. We function entirely on volunteer work and donations. All donations are dedicated to making these portraits free of cost to any visually impaired person and their family. We also accommodate groups! For example, we made 3D-printed family portraits for the Georgia Council for the Blind in Augusta and we made a copy of all their members to represent the group as a whole!